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Colossal Motion launches as StratStep Groups official marketing division.

Today, on Monday 6th January 2020, Colossal Motion is excited to announce its official launch and are pleased to announce its partnership with StratStep Group, with the induction of Colossal Motion as its new marketing division.

Colossal Motion has been specifically engineered with an aviation focus, and while it is a full-scale marketing company to all industries, it offers solutions - such as marketing support, end-to-end website design, content creation and strategy - to a vast range of businesses within aviation and beyond.

Having already secured over ten key aviation contracts more are to be announced soon alongside the opening of their new global headquarters in Cambridge in early 2020. The team at Colossal Motion is growing rapidly, with clients now based across Europe and North America, they are poised for significant growth in 2020.

‘We've found over the years that within the aviation sector many companies would handle their own marketing without any guidance or knowledge, but not always be effective, or it took away from their core focus.’ says Nigel Orme, Co-founder and StratStep Group CEO. ‘In addition, we found there was a mostly correct perception that marketing companies were too expensive for SME’s. What we've designed with Colossal Motion is a marketing ally that can offer bespoke, high value solutions and cost effective pricing, allowing SME’s to focus on what they do best, leaving the marketing to us to work towards getting the best ROI we can for them.’

Co-founder and Creative Director Kieron Baker says ‘Colossal Motion was born out of a necessity to support aviation businesses succeed with their marketing efforts, and to save time, allowing them to focus on whats important from an operational, regulatory or service standpoint. What we've created is an end-to-end, full-scale, responsive marketing company with industry and subject matter expertise that can drive growth and deliver uniquely rewarding solutions for its clients.'

You can follow Colossal Motion on social media (@colossalmotion) and catch them at one of the many aviation trade shows or careers exhibitions across Europe and the US.


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