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Covid-19: Private vs Commercial Aviation

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Affecting businesses in all sectors, of which some will find recovering a challenge. However, in our opinion, no other sector has been affected quite as hard as the Travel Industry, and more specifically, Aviation.

All is not lost, and just like the many of us who’ve been affected, businesses can still go about their day-to-day, but first, we have to re-invent our approach. One of the ways that the aviation industry can do this, is by promoting the use of private aviation.

The luxury of travelling privately (either via jet or helicopter) has always been marketed towards the celebrities, politicians and the latest YouTube stars. However, it’s never been more appealing, especially now during an unprecedented health crisis.

As countries start to open their borders for tourists and commuters, one of the major concerns being talked about is passenger safety, and this is where travelling privately might seem intriguing to your average joe.

In this article, we’d like to explain 2 very important points that may convince you to seriously consider flying privately next time you take a trip.

No Queues

One of the obvious reasons for flying privately is the simplicity of the journey. There are no large and busy airports, no terminals to sit and wait for 4hrs+ before boarding.

Private Aircraft use Fixed-based Operators (FBOs, which are smaller terminals), typically a one-two storey building with private lounges and bars, instead of large hustle and bustle that major airports accumulate.

Because these terminals are smaller, they account for a small customer base, therefore reducing the risk of contact with other travellers outside of your bubble.

You may even find that your FBO can allow you to drive up to the aircraft directly, reducing the risk even further!

Oh, and one more thing on this point: there’s no need for security clearing while boarding, clearing customs is a lot easier, no boarding passes are needed - all of which accumulates to, no queues.

A Simpler & Smoother Journey

As mentioned above, the overall journey time from your home to your destination is cut dramatically short. Having the ability to potentially drive to your private aircraft, fly to your destination and drive straight away from the airport/FBO, is not only empowering but safer, as it also reduces those touch-points we hear about and the interactivity with people from outside your bubble.

This is also shown to limit the number of people who will be handling your luggage too. Keeping your belongings safer from contamination.

Private Jet’s are innovating just as much as their commercial competitors. They’re now only much more affordable, but also able to accommodate for those long-haul flights too. Some aircraft can easily range 7500 nautical miles - Impressive stuff.

As well as this, and their ability to access smaller FOBs and airports, we believe it allows for a much smoother journey and certainly more appealing to us.


When we think of taking a trip abroad, our minds always stray towards travelling with commercial airliners via larger airports, however, there is an alternative.

As with the nature of travelling privately, the cost can be slightly higher. But, with the advances of technology, the convenience factor, it’s a luxurious feeling and (more importantly) the health benefits, we feel as though travelling to any destination, in your own private craft, is worth being added to your holiday’s “To Do” list.


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