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State of Play

We all face new challenges and uncertain times with our businesses, more so now than ever before. Despite all the hard work, planning and sacrifice many of us SME owners have given to our businesses over the years, nothing could prepare us for what we are now seeing during the Covid-19 pandemic and the damage it has done to both our businesses health and our own livelihoods.

Overnight, many SME’s found themselves in an extremely difficult and challenging cashflow position where decisions once thought unimaginable may now be a reality.

We must urgently look to how we can do things differently and we must consider all possibilities on how we keep our business alive in the short term. We have the potential to thrive in the future when our economy slowly rebounds over the next few years.


The danger of reacting and falling behind the curve

Within the StratStep Group, our team and I have been thinking about how we can use our existing background and expertise to help SMEs stay afloat, or even grow, during the ongoing challenges many SME’s now face. As part of our previous business consulting, we have worked with many businesses around the world who want to grow via consolidation, partnering, acquisition, vertical integration and mergers or joint ventures.

We have now adapted and redesigned that consulting model to focus on SMEs across all industries globally who are either significantly in distress and considering going into administration or don’t see any reason to continue their business in the current state.

I urge you to not wait until it is too late and fall behind the curve as we are already seeing SMEs either laying staff off at alarming rates or even going into administration earlier than many predicted.


The Psychology of Pride

We know how painful and what a bitter pill that is to swallow to even have those thoughts and discussions but I prefer to be direct with you and tell it like it is. The days of being diplomatic and ‘sugar coating’ such discussions are a thing of the past.

Nobody can promise anything with our shared current challenges, but I can certainly give you confidence and comfort that you are being proactive. By talking with us we can look at all options on the table for you with the goal to see if we can connect you with a company in our network where there exists the possibility to have a robust discussion. In many situations, there is a mutually beneficial option to work together in a variety of capacities.

The days of burying our heads in the sand, being concerned about what our colleagues think, being too proud to ask for help must give way to us raising our hands when we need help. We must look at all options not previously considered to move from rescue back to recovery and then finally to a re-focus on growth.


Act Now

We are now offering consultations specifically around SME Rescue at no charge. Confidentiality will be key from the start and we may put an NDA in place to protect you and so you can feel free to talk openly and honestly about the position your business is in. We can then look at what options we may be able to provide for you through our network and partnerships.

We are all in this together and our team at StratStep is committed to helping any way we can to protect as many SME’s as we can and all emerge on the other side, intact, healthy and focused on future growth. Please don’t hesitate or delay in getting in touch with us;

A small excerpt shared from my previous article: How to survive, maintain and then restart your aviation business during the current coronavirus pandemic.

The power of realistic positivity®

None of us has all the answers right now but I can assure you that the right mental attitude and using realistic positivity® is the best way to deal with and overcome all the ongoing and future challenges.

What this means is we must be realistic about what is going on right now, the challenges we face and the tough times that will continue for all of us into the foreseeable future. That being said, we can look back through the ups and downs the aviation sector has seen over the decades and the only realistic conclusion based on those lessons learned it that we always bounce back stronger and continue to grow exponentially.

Your attitude impacts everyone around you and as leaders in the aviation section as we all have a core responsibility to be part of the solution and not promulgate any of the problems we face. This doesn’t mean we all try to live in a fantasy land where everything will be fine no matter what we do but at the same time, we can’t be doom and gloom as that will not help anyone right now.

I challenge myself every day and now pass that challenge to you to practice realistic positivity® in your day to day activities and instil that philosophy with everyone you work with as the restart is coming and once we have survived what we all are going through right now we can only thrive in the future.

Step towards the stratosphere and let’s get this helpful insight and realistic positivity® a chance to take hold within our aviation family!


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About the Author - Nigel Orme MRAeS FCMI

Spending over a decade in blue light services early in his career, Nigel worked as both a Flight Paramedic and Special Operations Police Officer before transitioning into aviation securing both his helicopter and aeroplane commercial pilots license.

After working around the world as a pilot and training captain on a number of different aircraft Nigel went to work for CAE focused first as the EMEA airline partnership manager based in Oxford, UK before moving into the EMEAA Head of Sales role for business aviation and helicopter pilot training.

Following a series of C-level positions around the US and Europe Nigel founded the StratStep Group comprised of aviation, consulting and technology divisions working with many global FTSE and SME aviation companies. More recently he founded the Global Pilot Training Alliance, soon to be launched and Colossal Motion which is tailored to specialised marketing within the aviation sector.

Nigel and the StratStep Group specialise in SME growth, rescue, and recovery through vertical integration, consolidation, partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions and buy-outs.



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