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StratStep Group launches new StratStep Technology website

Now with six companies in the StratStep Group, the launch of the revamped website for StratStep Technology ( created by Colossal Motion has been announced.

"Despite the challenging times, we see the need for R&D along with technologic advancements a critical key to being part of restarting and growing the global economy," says Nigel Orme, StratStep Group CEO, "We have been fortunate that the Group companies are across a range of industries however having a few of our businesses in aviation means we know the challenges many are feeling right now."

StratStep Technology will continue to work within a variety of consortiums and Think Tanks that have been developed to have a laser focus on innovation and elevation of new products and services.

SME Global Rescue and a new StratStep Technology Think Tank will be announced in the coming weeks to add to the StratStep Group philosophy of motivating new business, innovating business thought models and elevating the practices and philosophies of companies experiencing the challenges of the new normal for global business.


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