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StratStep Group revamps website to reflect new partnerships and acquisitions

StratStep Group has updated the design and content of their Group website to reflect the six new company acquisitions during 2020.

Covering Aviation, Logistics and Technology along with digital marketing and business sales, StratStep Group continues to lead in the innovation and elevation of multiple industry standards.

The new additions to StratStep Group in 2020 included StratStep Logistics , Canary Island Business Sales, Global Special Air Watch – GSAW, StratStep International, Aeros Group and Bulgaria based StratStep Management as part of Brexit considerations.

Nigel Orme, Stratstep Group CEO says ‘Like everyone globally, 2020 was one of the most challenging years for StratStep that we have ever faced with a very specific impact on our aviation companies. However, we took this opportunity to review what partnerships, consolidation and acquisitions would make us stronger post-Covid and as a result we are confident in what we have managed to build in a relatively short period of time.’

Marketing company, Colossal Motion redesigned the Group website along with the Prospectus to reflect those changes and capture the spirit of growth that StratStep is experiencing.

Creative Director for Colossal Motion, Kieron Baker said ‘Our main goal during the website redesign was to capture the full essence of the StratStep brand, as well as that of the new acquisitions, and put that into a complete package. With numerous companies working across a number of industries, we were challenged to find a way to make it absolutely clear what the focus and USP of each company was and how they contribute to the StratStep Group. We also ensured that the user journey was as simple and effective as it could be. This was most definitely a challenge that we enjoyed and are proud of.’

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