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StratStep International launches as offshore division of StratStep Group

StratStep Group ( announced today the launch of their first offshore company; StratStep International Limited (

Known as a global leader in aviation, aerospace and technology products & services, StratStep continues its focus during challenging times to innovate and elevate the business of its international client base.

Nigel Orme, Group CEO says ‘with the continued economic challenges this year it was paramount that we listen to our clients and what their needs are to keep their companies buoyant in today’s market. StratStep International now allows us to reduce red tape, expedite business processes, circumvent antiquated practices and maximise profitability for our client’s”.

‘Securing advantageous leases, protecting aircraft assets, merging and consolidating AOC/ATO’s are a large part of our current initiatives”, says Shing Tam, Director of Business Development for StratStep Aviation ( “Having StratStep International as part of the Group in an offshore capacity strengthens the depth and breadth of our services, ultimately benefiting our customer base.”

Several key personnel announcements will be coming soon from StratStep including the official launch of the Global Pilot Training Alliance (


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