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StratStep Technology announces Tech Think Tank (TTT)

Stratstep Technology (, part of the StratStep Group (, based in the United Kingdom, has launched their Tech Think Tank (TTT) with the purpose of bringing together leading experts across several industries. Their focus is to create a forum for forwarding technological thinking, while also considering the ethical ramifications of innovative developments.

‘Now, more than ever, we need an objective and independent meeting of minds like we have developed in the TTT’, says Nigel Orme, StratStep Group CEO. ‘As AI and innovation move at an astounding pace the potential to move too quickly toward this frontier creates challenges that must be anticipated before problems become a reality. The TTT introduces an exciting and innovative blend of experts to look at the future of technology with ideas and concepts that will improve and enhance all our lives.’

With aviation, space and aerospace being key focus areas for the TTT, advances and growth in remote telepresence within the medical field and use by the general public are all considerations being worked on by this consolidated group of experts.

StratStep Technology will be reaching out to many visionaries, strategic business leaders and technology experts to continue to form the core group of members for the TTT.


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