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U.S. Aviation Training Solutions (USATS) announce MOU with Leading Edge Aviation, UK

U.S. Aviation Training Solutions (USATS) today announces a training alliance with Leading Edge Aviation (LEAL), UK, which will give LEAL modular students the opportunity to build their flight hours in Florida as part of USATS Fairweather Flying Program.

While it boasts a wealth of aviation experience, Leading Edge Aviation is a rapidly expanding pilot training academy with a fresh approach and an emphasis on holistic training. Offering the highest standards of regulatory technical training, modular students also benefit from a comprehensive professional and personal development curriculum to enhance non-technical skills.

‘This partnership represents a huge leap forward for USATS, with our Fairweather Flying Program offering an attractive option for many European modular student looking to build their hours in the fantastic Florida sunshine. It marks a welcomed partnership between two highly experienced flight training providers, and in particular, we are more than happy to be able to offer this program to LEAL modular students to progress their flight training efficiently, safely and with a smile on their faces.’ said Nigel Orme, USATS-GAA General Manager.

LEAL modular students can undertake a number of Fairweather Flying Programs with USATS at their ideally located Florida base, from 30, 60 and 90 hour programs that allow then to fly in challenging FAA airspace in year round warm and sunny weather.

The USATS Fairweather Flying Program, which has already attracted partnerships with other European flight schools, is the perfect way for LEAL modular students to build hours quickly and safely, all while enjoying the challenge and gained experience of flying abroad.

The USATS Fairweather Flying Program is a fantastic opportunity for our modular students to grow and learn in their own way, by utilising the year-round sunny Florida weather to expedite their training and by offering the challenge of flying in FAA airspace before returning to the UK. With USATS’ long history in pilot training -we could think of no other partner better suited to be a part of our modular students’ training.´ said Andi Alexander, Chief Commercial Officer at Leading Edge Aviation.


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