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 Welcome to StratStep Group 

 Motivate, Innovate, Elevate 

Who we are


Thank you for letting us share our story with you and where the StratStep Group is today, as we look ahead to what tomorrow holds.


Born from a simple idea of creating a group of companies with a shared belief in motivating, innovating and elevating our own businesses, and those of our business partners and clients, the StratStep Group was launched. We believe every move in business should be a strategic step with a philosophy of striving far beyond the stratosphere towards the stars.


Of course, with our foundations in aviation and aerospace the name naturally aligned with our goals and partnership alliances. The StratStep name is now solidified and known across global markets as we continue to grow and expand.

Who we are
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StratStep Consulting

With a focus on aviation, we wanted to help businesses grow and prosper. We always categorize our consulting projects into growth projects, recovery projects and in some situations, rescue projects.


StratStep International

An offshore division of the StratStep Group globally known for being a leader in Aviation and Technology, focussing on protecting and managing our clients’ businesses and assets with confidentiality and discretion.

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Global Pilot Training Alliance

GPTA is the trusted source for everything that is, pilot training. With our Approved Alliance Training Providers (AATP) you can have the confidence that the training you are looking for comes from a global network of flight schools all adhering to the highest standards.

Colossal Motion

Founded from a simple thought to deliver honest and powerful solutions that are truly scalable, Colossal Motion rapidly grew into what it is today. They deliver complete digital, creative and marketing solutions to a truly diverse contingent of clients around the world.

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StratStep Aviation

StratStep Aviation deliver solution-based initiatives that meet and exceed client expectations while being laser-focused on delivering realistic results, elevating all of our aviation services.

StratStep Aviation

Aeros Group

The Aeros Group has been recognised for many years as one of the leading Modular Flight Training schools in the UK. Our reputation for high quality instruction, delivered in our purpose built modern training facilities, not to mention our unsurpassed commercial flight test pass rates, has made us the envy of the flight training industry.

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Aeros Group
Distance Learning


Our mission is to educate and train future generations of high quality commercial pilots, who have an excellent understanding of theoretical knowledge and of their role and responsibilities as professional aviators.


Global Special Air Watch

A specialist, mission-critical team focused on the acquisition, training and logistical management of all global aviation platforms in the defence, military and para-public sectors. Based in Europe, their global network is set up with additional bases in the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia.

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StratStep Technology

Across aerospace and space sectors and with a deep depth of experience in military/Defence along with Drones and UAV’s, StratStep Technology continues to lead the way with new and cutting-edge products and services across several industries.

StratStep Logistics

Whether it’s air, sea, rail or land, we’re a logistics, freight forwarding and global shipping company that has your business covered anywhere in the world. We are growing every day, so there is no place we can’t reach. SSL size and scope means you can grow and succeed with us.

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StratStep Management

SSM delivers sustainable solutions in consulting, planning, creating, deploying and contracting for both start-ups and well established companies. Our team is a group of industry experts who have come together to create an innovative, trusted and creative management consulting and operational group.

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